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Governance & Control

Advisory Services

Ethics. Integrity. Expertise.

We combine practical experience with the latest innovative solutions to optimise your critical business operations. Our team of experts will work closely with you to define and establish a governance structure for your project. From enhancing board structure and effectiveness to promoting seamless collaboration across your organisation, we have the expertise to ensure harmony and drive tangible results.

We Will Help You Establish...

  • A comprehensive governance & control model that encompasses all key roles, responsibilities and accountabilities 

  • A model that aligns with business best practices and objectives 

  • Robust processes for issue management and decision-making

  • An agreed process for conflict resolution.

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We'll define a governance & control template for your business that provides a blueprint for future projects, including 

  • A clear definition of executive responsibilities towards projects

  • How to conduct business reviews that assess performance and identify risks and areas of improvement

  • Portfolio management to optimise resource allocation

  • Benefits planning and management to make sure projects and their outcomes directly align with your objective and deliver value

  • Reporting and communication processes that deliver timely and accurate information for decision-making.

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