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Power, Utilities & Renewables

Effective change and technology management that drives meaningful transformation in your organisation.

Transformation through expert management.

The power, utilities & renewables industry is heavily regulated and capital-intensive, with a pressing need for investment in infrastructure. 

Additionally, the industry is undergoing a transformative shift from traditional fossil fuel-based sources to renewable sources like wind, solar and hydropower. Such a transition requires significant investments in new technology and infrastructure, reinforcing the importance of effective change and technology management. 

Engaging an expert change management consultancy can be a game-changer. Our tailored solutions minimise disruptions, cut costs, and maximise the benefits of adopting new technologies, empowering your organisation to stay ahead in this dynamic industry.


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Our comprehensive solutions for effective change and technology management in power, utilities & renewables empower organisations to transform with confidence.

Customer Experience

We assist businesses in crafting and delivering exceptional customer experiences that evoke excitement, foster trust, and propel business growth.

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We recognise that many organisations aspire to be data-led but face challenges related to input overload, volume, and effective application. We believe in turning data into actionable insights that drive success, and our team is dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of data and harness its full potential.

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Data Privacy

Businesses operating in all industries must effectively manage, protect and ensure the privacy of all data forms, including customer, employer, business, intellectual property and more.

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Finance Transformation

Our Finance Transformation solutions focus on enhancing back office and core financial capabilities, which can often be overlooked but can have a significant impact on operational performance.

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Internal Audit

Internal audits allow businesses to assess and evaluate internal controls, risk management practices, and compliance with policies and procedures.

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Operational Excellence

Our Operational Excellence solutions help businesses leverage the advanced processes, technologies and methodologies they need to elevate performance and drive efficiencies across all operations.

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Regulatory & Compliance

Our Regulatory & Compliance solutions help businesses to navigate and comply with industry-specific and country-specific regulations and laws, ensuring they stay compliant, reduce any legal and financial risks and, crucially, remain on track to achieve their goals and objectives.

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Technology Transformation

We help customers get the most out of their technology, working with you from the selection process to managing the delivery and any risks associated with that change.

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Risk Management

Our services also encompass evaluating and enhancing the quality and effectiveness of existing risk management arrangements, conducting comprehensive risk assessments, and offering expert guidance on risk mitigation strategies.

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We provide businesses with the clarity, guidance and support they need to effectively and efficiently execute a seamless FTTP upgrade project.

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